How to Eat More Plants 

November 9, 2019

By a ridiculously tall and hungry active dude. 

At Coastie Craft Burgers, we’ve been digging through the garden trenches on how to eat more plants and make them taste incredible. We’ve also learned that eating plants is probably better for the environment, probably better for your health, and probably better for the animals! So far, we have had some pretty great success ramping up our personal plant consumption, so we wanted to share a few Coastie Craft Burgers pro tips. 

Step 1 – FAT:  Make your plant-based meals  satisfying and satiating! My favourite way to do this is by adding a variety of fats in every meal with nuts and seeds.  While I love treating myself to a heavenly treat of shelled pistachios or hazelnuts, I need to muck these magic morsels in large quantities – so my staples consist of affordable options. Nuts and seeds contain iron, omegas, fat and protein and from this list there should be something to add to nearly ANY meal.  

Here’s my nut & seed quiver to ALWAYS KEEP RELOADED!  

  • Walnuts 
  • Cashews 
  • Hemp Hearts 
  • Almonds 
  • Pumpkin Seeds 
  • Sesame Seeds 
  • Chia Seeds (Never put these in your smoothie!)  
  • Sunflower Seeds 

Step 2 – ACID: Make sure to have the right acidity in every meal to leave you stoked, satisfied and smiling. Getting the acid perfect can take a dish from limp noodle to ludicrous mode. Here’s a list of acidic things. JUST STOCK THEM ALL YOU WILL THANK YOURSELF! 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (So many good ones out there – use this for deglazing while frying)  
  • Red Wine Vinegar (Most tomato-based things, soups, sauces, pastas, etc.)  
  • Premium Balsamic & all fancy interesting vinegars you want!  
  • Malt Vinegar (Mix with vegan mayo – useful in so many sauces)  
  • Rice Vinegar & Chinese Black Vinegar (BOOSTS up any Asian inspired meal) 
  • Lemon Juice (Also get fresh lemons & limes, but keep some juice on hand!) 
  • Lime Juice 

Step 3 – MORE FAT: Find the right fat to boost up your meal! Mix up your oils when cooking, finish your Italian food with olive oil or mushroom infused oil, or chili oil! Here’s my oil stash:  

  • Coconut (Organic Virgin, because it’s delicious and I spread it on toast) 
  • Olive 
  • Sesame 
  • Avocado 
  • Canola (Organic, probably? It’s just really good for deep frying things alright?) 
  • Grapeseed (Oil from seeds of grapes. Canola is originally “Bred” from the rapeseed plant, which over years has been perfected for deep frying. Both Canola and Grapeseed have a high smoke point & neutral flavour making them perfect for crispy frying anything!) 
  • Walnut or other nut oil.  


You are far along your way to making some delicious foods from nothing but plants! Now any salad, rice bowl, breakfast bowl, avocado toast, cereal, stir fry, pizza, pasta, casserole, roasted veg, soup, or taco is going to come to LIFE!  

STEP 4 – FRESHNESS: Just grow a herb garden already! Or just buy all these herbs below all the time like a chump. You can also chop herbs and place in oil in your freezer cubes for some zero-waste life hacks: 

  • Thyme (The best) 
  • Oregano 
  • Parsley (Literally a staple in smoothies and salads)  
  • Chives (Don’t be silly and accidentally eat potatoes without chives) 
  • Rosemary 

Why these particular herbs? I just harvested some of each from our garden in NOVEMBER. All grown with minimal effort. Basil is pretty good, but probably over-rated. 


  • Nutritional yeast (If you haven’t jumped on this yet then figure it out already)  
  • Coastie Craft Burgers fresh mix. Have you heard of these guys?  
  • Garlic and Ginger (infuse with oil as per the legendary Dumpling King. We secretly know that he knows how to make vegan dumplings and they are incredible) Garlic keeps well – and use leftover ginger in smoothies! For oil & good things: Dumpling King Highlights 🥬🥟 and 🍆 
  • Coconut Yogurt (All you need to know about is YOGGU)  
  • TOFU scrambles. Tofu won’t give you man boobs. Make egg scrambles with Shani Seasoning take them to the triple next level.  
  • Buy all the whole plants and try some new ones! Don’t use plastic produce bags, it’s 2019! Make sure to slap your friend or neighbour who uses plastic produce bags!  

Try these things. If you want to… or don’t. Don’t let me tell you what to do. But let us know if it helps you eat more plants!