At Coastie we’re committed to reducing packaging waste. We want to reuse as many jars as possible. That’s why we make it super easy to return your jars to us and get your refund. Simply enter one of the following coupon codes at checkout, and make sure you have your clean jar and lid ready for us to pick up upon delivery*
Coupon codes (depending on number of jars): 1 jar; 2 jars; 3 jars; 4 jars; 5 jars; 6 jars
*The number of jars claimed for refund must match the number of jars actually returned. We will charge the customer upon delivery for excess refunds claimed. Coastie reserves the right to deny delivery to customers who abuse this policy.

If you live outside the delivery area, but inside the expanded area pictured below, place you’re order online, and we’ll coordinate delivery within 1-3 business days. No promises we’ll deliver by bike though 😉

By delivering jars to you frozen, we can ensure the freshest product possible without the use of chemical preservatives. Simply defrost in your fridge overnight, or for about an hour in a water bath. Then just scoop, shape, and sear.

Yes. At Coastie we avoid the use of chemical preservatives, and instead choose cold storage to ensure freshness. We make a great effort to deliver your order at the perfect temperature to ensure freshness and quality. At this time, we require all orders to be delivered directly into our customers’ hands.

Definitely! In fact, our delivery service is perfect for customers who work downtown. Order a jar of burger mix to take home for a dinner.

Worried about bugging reception? Leave a delivery note for us to hang out in the lobby. We’ll call you to come meet us when we arrive.

Our burger mix lets you make restaurant quality burgers at home in minutes. Follow these steps for the best possible Coastie experience:

1. Scoop mix out of jar and form into 4 patties. Use a wide mouth mason jar ring to form a perfect quarter pounder, or just freestyle it.
2. Heat some oil in a frying pan over medium high heat. Add the patties, and fry for 2 minutes per side.
3. Transfer the patties to a baking sheet in a preheated 350°F oven for 10 minutes, or until they reach an internal temperature of 74°C.

The burger mix is also great as a veggie scramble, or as a plant based replacement for ground beef in your favourite recipe. Tag us on Instagram with your Coastie creations.

Whenever possible, we use local, whole, organic ingredients. We use no chemical binding agents or added preservatives and try to use as little processing as we can. We also try to limit the amount of fat used in each recipe. See each product page for exact nutrition information. I think you’ll find our patties are a fair bit more healthy than other options on the market.

All of the ingredients that we use are gluten free. We currently produce our burgers in a shared kitchen space where wheat flour is present, however, we do our best to avoid cross-contamination.