Our Story

Coastie Craft Burgers is a fresh new startup founded by a couple of local Vancouverites. We’re passionate about food and the defining role it plays in all of our lives. We believe that whole, nourishing, honest foods should be available to everyone. We believe in sustainable food made by people who care about where it comes from and how it gets to your mouth. We believe that local food producers are integral in shaping our communities. We believe that all businesses have a critical role to play in eliminating waste and protecting the environment. We believe in local solutions to global problems. We make plant based burgers that taste great and don’t fall apart.

The Team


Growing up in the foothills of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, Ali was playing in nature at a young age. Nurturing his love for the environment and the outdoors, he started his career as an adventure tour guide. After several seasons sharing his love for BC’s mountains, he decided to pursue a professional accounting designation to round out his skills. Between busy work weeks he was able to pursue his passions for alpine climbing and backcountry ski mountaineering.
After almost a decade in the world of business and corporate accounting, Ali’s motivation for Coastie Craft Burgers started with the question: how can we make a better world through business? Coastie Craft Burgers is the embodiment of this idea. We hope you love these incredible, plant-based, minimally processed burgers we have created!


Matt hails from Burnaby where his infectious personality is known by seemingly everyone. Matt delved into entrepreneurship in university, starting a small, sustainability focused catering venture. This foray into local, values-based business affirmed that companies should make a positive difference for their communities and the world. He’s been looking for that perfect model ever since.
Over the past decade, Matt has worked for restaurants, electric car companies, ski lodges, and local food retailers.
When he’s not working, Matt loves to get after it in the outdoors. From long bike rides, to urban missions, to alpine scrambles, to winter backcountry adventures, Matt just loves to be outside.